Service Details

  • Service Name Manicure
  • Conditions Treated Dry Hands
    Ingrown Nails
    Infected Nailbed
  • Average Sessions 4 Weekly Sessions
  • Starting at Price $65/session


Our hands are exposed to dirt, weather, and chemicals that damage our skin. Also, we constantly create new skin cells and slough off the old ones. A professional manicure would help clean and exfoliate any dead skin left, keeping your hands smooth and healthy.

 A Manicure is a treatment for your fingernails and hands that will help repair the skin from all the damage caused throughout the day.

Conditions Treated

Dry Skin

Dry skin can have causes that aren’t due to underlying disease.

Hang Nails

Common especially during cold weather months

Callus Hands

Small areas on where the skin has become raised and hard from repeated friction and rubbing.

Infected Nailbed

Swelling and redness caused by the nail growing into the skin.


Our Manicure consists of cutting and shaping your fingernails and removing any hard skin and cuticles so we can give your hands a clean look and relief from the pressure that it causes. Likewise, we take care of the dead skin by applying an organic scrub made with essential oil that helps you to gently get rid of any dead skin, leaving your skin smooth and moist.

Lastly, we use some of our signature moisturizers and relax your hand with a slight massage to promote better blood circulation.