Service Details

  • Service Name Ingrown Toenail Removal
  • Conditions Treated Swelling
  • Average Sessions 45 minutes
  • Starting at Price Case by case basis


Ingrown toenails are a common problem, and more than 40% of our clients have suffered in the past. Most cases are due to incorrect technic for trim and clean the nails. Unfortunately, people try to fix this problem at home with the wrong tools. Instead of helping the situation in many cases, they aggravate the tissue, leading to pain and infection in the area.

In cases where people successfully removed the piece of nail that was causing the problem, it will most likely be just a temporary solution that becomes a vicious cycle. These situations should be resolved by a professional.

Having a professional perform a proper Ingrown toenail removal would guarantee to break this vicious circle. We will help the nail to regrow healthily and help to prevent any infection. Our service uses sterile tools and a disinfected environment.

Conditions Treated


inflammation in the skin where the nail has grown into the toe.


Color change on the toe as a result of swelling or infection.


Tenderness & sensitive to pressure caused by swelling in the toe.


Caused by the nail growing into the skin instead of over it.


In this service, part of the toenail is removed by a non-invasive procedure. We do not perform surgery; we make a precise and corrective cut in the nail to continue growing correctly. We would clean the area and provide some advice about how to prevent this from happening again. Our professionals help you find the cause of the problem to break those habits and start your new care routine. After the procedure is done, we provide follow-up appointments to help prevent the problem from recurring. This service is totally personalized since each case is different.