Service Details

  • Service Name Geriatric Pedicure
  • Conditions Treated Cracked Heels
    Ingrown Toenails
    Claw Toes
    Early Detection of Diabetic Foot
  • Average Sessions 45 to 60


Our Geriatric Pedicures were created to offer a safe space to take proper care of our Geriatric client’s feet. Due to the lack of movement and the difficulty that as we age represents to clip our nails, and It not only gets harder to bend over to reach your toenails, but diminishing eyesight is also a concern.

In most cases, the skin gets more sensitive and thinner; toenails become thicker and harder to clip. This makes it more likely to get an injury while trying to take care of it at home.

Conditions Treated

Cracked Heals

Hardened and cracked skin that can lead to lesions on the foot.

Ingrown Toenails

Ingrowns can lead to redness, swelling and infection at the site.

Claw Toes

The middle joint, claw toes also affect the joints closest to the tips of your toes.

Early Detection of Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Small cuts or wounds on the bottom of the feet.


Waterless pedicure is the best option when it comes to taking care of a senior client. Our Waterless pedicures chairs are specially designed to provide the most comfort for our senior clients; one of the benefits is that we would keep the legs in a horizontal position most of the time to promote better blood circulation while we perform our service; this would prevent any swallowing or discomfort.

Likewise using hypoallergenic products and reducing the risk of cross-contamination allows our clients to feel safe and more comfortable when they get their service. Our professionals would perform a deep cleaning on the toenail, remove the dead skin with our electronic filing to prevent any injuries. In most cases, the nails would need to get filed to reduce the thickness and reduce the discomfort that this may cause. We would finish our service by moisturizing the skin with a hypoallergenic cream and perform petite massages to activate the blood circulation.