Conditions We Treat

Hands & Feet

Chronic & Accute Conditions
We Treat

Pincer nails

Deformed nail with an increased, transverse over-curvature.

Ingrown toenails

Occurs when the corners or sides grow between the skin around the nail.

Dry Skin

Cracks typically on the heels of the feet.


Infection on the hands or feet that attacks the nails directly.

Hammer toes

One or more continuously flexed or pressed toes.

Athletes Foot

A fungal infection, common in very sweaty confined feet.

Our Services

Treatment plans customized for
your hands and feet.

Our professionals will assess the condition of your hands and feet to tailor our approach to restoring them to full health.

Our Results

Our results can be seen at the pool
and in the workplace.

Our results get noticed in daily life. Whether you’re typing away at work or slipping off sandals at the pool, we’ve been restoring hands and feet for over 15 years.


patients rid of ingrown toenails


free of mycosis and athlete's foot


Corrective cuts


Patients with Happy, Healthy Hands and Feet

Treatment Team

Our board-certified and trained team
led by clinical pedicurists.

I am committed to helping people recover their health again by educating, preventing, and providing solutions for a variety of problems with hands and feet.