Service Details

  • Service Name Callus Removal
  • Conditions Treated Thickened Skin
  • Average Sessions 40 minutes
  • Starting at Price Case by Case basis


Calluses are thickened layers of skin that our body develop to protect certain area from impacts or friction, and it may become painful over time. Unfortunately because of the lack of information and proper care the average adult doesn’t take care of the problem until this becomes very painful, most people thinks that they can’t do anything to fix this problem but in fact there are multiple options to alleviates the discomfort that calluses caused.

The first option is to remove the calluses to relieve the pain, in addition. We recommended making some changes to the shoes they used; the constant friction and pressure that specific shoes cause on the skin cause the area to be sore and develop a thin layer of hard skin. We encouraged our clients to look for a better quality shoes that will help to reduce the effects.

Lastly, in the majority of cases we recommend to wear inserts that would provide a proper support specially when people have to stand on their feet all day long. It’s important to take in consideration that calluses won’t disappear on their own, we need to make changes and take care of it so it won’t develop a major issue.

Conditions Treated


Persistant pressure and discomfort typically from constant friction.

Ease of Walking

Removing the calluses will restore comfort when walking.

Tactile Sensitivity

Restoration of the tactile sensation in the affected area.

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We start the procedure by cleaning and sanitizing your feet, after this we soak the calluses with a product that it’s designed to soften the area.

When the skin its soft enough we sanded using our professional electronic filled to start removing the dead skin without causing any damage.

This process was designed to provide comfort without an invasive or too aggressive procedure.